UBI: Minnehaha Academy
QUANDO: 9:00-4:00, January 13, 2024

This is where you can find out all you
want to know about the Ludi Romani 2024.
It’s held at Minnehaha Academy, a private school in Minneapolis the Saturday of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend and this is our eighteenth year! You can find out more about our great school at our website: www.minnehahaacademy.net.

Scroll down to find out about the various events. View video clips here!

Teachers, download a registration worksheet your students can fill out, and then use the online registration form to register your students. Teachers must register, too. Student registrations will not be processed without teacher registration. We will need your online registrations by December 18th. Write your check (one for your school is great) made out to Minnehaha Academy and send by January 6th to:

Michelle Vitt, c/o Minnehaha Academy
4200 West River Parkway
Minneapolis MN 55406

You can download the schedule for 2024 and a full color brochure.

Buses can drop students off in the “bus loop” but should park in the main lot directly to the west.
What is it?

The Ludi Romani is an event for Latin students to have fun and show what they know about Latin and Roman culture. There are quiz bowl competitions, individual written tests, mini-sessions and Ludi Olympici.

What is an Oral Certamen? (sample questions, video clips)

Oral certamen is a chance for you and your friends to team up and show what you know about grammar, mythology, culture and history. Your team will compete against other teams from the same level. If a team is made up of students of differing levels, the team will have to compete at the upper level in order to be fair to the other teams. A moderator will ask a question and give your teams a reasonable time to discuss and write down your answer(s). After the allotted time, all teams with the correct answer will earn a point. After the preliminary round of competition, teams with the most points will advance to the FINAL round in the afternoon. Team members will win medals for placing first, second and third.

What is a Written Certamen? (sample questions, video clips)

Written certamen are tests for which you sign up as an individual. This sounds daunting but remember you are only competing against students who have had the same amount of Latin as you. There are six tests to choose from and you will take two. There are grammar and comprehension, mythology, word derivation, Roman life and customs, Roman history and Roman geography. The tests are multiple choice and have 40-50 questions.

What is a Mini-session? (video clips)

Mini-sessions are opportunities to explore more about Roman culture. During this hour, you can choose to to paint a vase with a mythological theme, learn some Ancient Greek, play Roman board games, learn Roman script and make a scroll, converse in Latin (don’t worry, we’ll help), make a mosaic, make a model of the Colosseum or a Roman soldier, cook some Roman food (and eat it), make Cameos, study Roman coins, make a bulla/lorica, or make a Roman theater mask. (The cost for this is included in your registration.)

What are the Ludi Olympici? (details about each event, video clips)

The Ludi Olympici are a chance to burn off a little energy after written tests and to be a little silly. Mostly they are relay races for 2-4 students while doing various silly things. You don’t have to participate but the more people who do, the more fun. There are prizes for this event too.

When is the Ludi Romani and where?

The event will be held at Minnehaha Academy’s South Campus on Saturday, January 13th. You can get directions to the school from Google Maps.

Check-in will begin at 9:00; the event will be over by 4:00.

View a complete schedule of the day.

Spectators are also welcome.

Which level am I?

Your teacher can help you with this. If you are just starting Latin this year, you are in intro/Level I; if you had some Latin last year but have not yet completed an entire year of high school Latin, you are in intro/Level I; if you have completed one year of high school year Latin - perhaps as Latin IA and Latin IB- you are in level II; and if you have completed two years of high school Latin, you are in level III+.

How much does it cost?

$10.00. This includes your pizza for lunch, one can of soda, healthy vegetables, and even a cookie! The rest of the money goes to the cost of the medals you can win for the oral and written certamina, the prizes for the ludi Olympici, the photocopying costs and materials for the mini-sessions.

Remember, this is an opportunity for fun and good-natured competition between you and your friends and between your school and others. And you may even learn something along the way.


Download a registration worksheet here. This is for the students to fill out and is due by December 15th.

Teachers then fill out the online registration by December 18th. PLEASE, no registrations can be accepted after this date.

Teachers must register, too. No student registrations will be processed until the teacher for each school is registered. Student to teacher ratio is 1:25. If you are bringing more than 25 kids, please bring more than one Latin teacher.

All of us have something in common: We love Latin!